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Financial Services Marketing Specialists

As the leading direct mail marketing company in the industry, Resource Solutions has always believed that our success is measured by the success of YOUR marketing campaigns. Specializing in the needs of independent retirement planners and financial advisors throughout the country, our mission is to provide fresh ideas and the most innovative direct marketing solutions to help enable you to grow your business.

At Resource Solutions, we take great pride in not only providing our clients with the best response rates from the highest quality prospects, but also assisting them in keeping their marketing costs as low as possible. Incorporating our uniquely customized marketing strategies into your marketing plan will most certainly help set you apart from your competition.

Our Very Effective Marketing Solutions Include:

  • Time-tested and proven effective seminar marketing
  • One-on-one appointment setting programs
  • Lead generation programs
  • 4 Different Complete Turn-Key Marketing Programs!

resource solutions turn-key program

At Resource Solutions, we don’t just sell marketing…We sell results!

  • Seminar Marketing
    Seminars continue to be the most effective and efficient method of prospecting for potential new clients... Learn More

  • One-on-One Appointment Setting Programs
    Financial services being a numbers game, the main goal for any advisor is to get in front of as many qualified prospects as possible... Learn More

  • Lead Generation Program
  • 4 Different Complete Turn-Key Marketing Programs to Choose From!

    • Social Security Maximization - With over 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 20 years, the Baby Boomer market presents a phenomenal marketing opportunity for advisors... Learn More

    • Social Security For Women-Social Security Maximization designed specifically to identify and address the unique challenges women face in planning for retirement.

    • Boomer Retirement/Income Planning- Comprehensive and current retirement income planning seminar targeting Baby Boomers ages 58-69, providing a great marketing opportunity to introduce both you and your firm’s services to new potential new clients…. many times BEFORE they obtain the services of a financial planner.

    • IUL Solutions- Successfully market to 3 different demographics!Quickly becoming one of the hottest products in today’s market, this tax efficient strategy provides an incredible opportunity for you to help grow your business by differentiating your marketing strategy from your competitors.


  • “Thanks SO MUCH for your continued patience and quick turnarounds… The level of service I get from your company is always top-notch. You guys are the best!”

    Dave J., N.J.
  • Thank you introducing me to this program! I must admit, I was a bit unsure how this would work but ended up getting 18 appointments from my first program!

    D. Kline, Illinois
  • Since February 2015, Keaton has been helping us with our mailers. Most often our deadlines have been tight. The service he has provided has been outstanding!! I really appreciate his professionalism, knowledge and quick response!! He has worked very hard on our behalf!! Thanks a MILLION to Keaton and the Resource Solutions team for all you do

    C. G., Colorado
  • Jon You did a great job. Massively happy! Everything  was a pleasure, work well and you answered questions along the way. Even liked the reservation line's  web site's ability to print lists and labels. I will never use another company. Unless you work there or start your own.

    Joe Z, New York
  • Thank you!. The seminars went great. We originally had spots for 60 but had close to 90 register, so we opened up a 3rd date. I’m currently gathering the stats on how many of them set appointments – I’m guessing in the neighborhood of 50% but not sure yet. And about 1 in 3 of those that set appointments are looking like good prospects that we’ll do business with, so far at least. So it’s been good and we need to talk soon with Ryan about setting up another campaign – probably in another couple weeks.

    J.H, Colorado
  • Hi Ryan, Well, I told you I’d give you numbers on my first SS mailing. So, it looks like it’s $3.1m. I just got a call from a guy about setting up the accounts for $2.1m. So, total is $3.1m. I figured you might like to have that for your stats. Have a great day!

    B.L., Illinois
  • “The experience our company has had working with Resource Solutions has been wonderful. Since Quentin has become our Rep, he has gone above and beyond what any one person would be expected to do. It gives us great piece of mind to not have to worry about steps being missed or errors occurring throughout the process. We are definitely very satisfied with the service we have received from Resource Solutions, especially from Quentin. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with him. Great job!!”  

    Dale F., Massachusetts
  • Great new way to get in front of wealthier prospects! My last mailing, I wrote a 1.1 million dollar case!

    D. Carson, Texas
  • Too many appts to fit on one folder holder. This is part 2. Even though I only asked for PIA and how much income you need in retirement, couple handed me all their stuff this morning 1.4 million! Thanks!

    T. L., Georgia
  • Great marketing method!! I have done seminars for years and never got the quality of prospects I have with this program. Now I do both seminars and this appointment setting program and my production has gone through the roof!

    S. Johnson., Wisconsin
  • Just wanted to take a second to thank you for all that you have done to make my marketing a success.  You have really become a trusted partner, not just a vendor and I feel as if you are a part of my team and I no longer have to stress or worry about who to trust.  That means the world to me and I wanted you to know the difference you have made in my life and in my business. Your extra effort has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated!

    Terri C., MN
  • Hi Ryan, “You all have delivered! I have more than tripled my premium since the first year I started with your mail house. That has only been a year and a half ago.”

    Cameron M., Iowa
  • “I wanted to take a minute and drop you a thank you note for the help with my seminars. I SOLD OUT 2 events. For a minute, I thought I was the Beatles!!!! LOL”

    Mark A., Oklahoma
  • Thanks, for your help, workshops went very well. Each had about 40 people show, already have 4 appointments for next week, felt more comfortable, kicked a--!!! Had one lady tell me she must move 400K from her 401-k by July!!! Another man, he is coming in to meet in a week, said he has 400K, sitting around. Each night, had at least 5 people waiting to talk with me in private, and wanting me to help them.

    F.C., Maryland